Welcome to Circles of Light Counseling.

Please note beginning in the Fall of 2020, I closed my practice to take a spiritual sabbatical. During this time I will be enjoying studying unity consciousness and will continue to host a variety of spiritual groups. Thank you. ✨

Do you desire more in life? A deeper connection within and with others? Do you feel like you are not reaching your greatest potential? Do you wonder who you are, what is your purpose? Do you seek a greater connection to your spirituality? Do you seek freedom?

Freedom is the ability to be your unique self and access the wisdom and knowledge that is already within, yet forgotten, to create and manifest your desires. Freedom is owning and embodying your innate and given ability to choose happiness, your attitude, your health, your work, your mate. It’s being well-defined or differentiated. It’s knowing who you are and how to care and nurture yourself, so you can bring that into healthy relationships and life. The ability to love completely – yourself and others. It’s learning how to not take things personally, that what others do and say is a reflection of themselves.

This is a tremendously transformative power of healing – to feel free, safe and secure even when everything seems unbelievably unwell.

Be who you are. Live your spirit. Love your Life.

In working with Alison, you will feel more self-empowered in finding your own inner wisdom to heal, grow and make healthy life changes. By learning and examining the root causes, you can make real and liberating change happen. This can manifest through healing from past trauma, releasing burdens, and through changing obsolete and negative habit patterns. Sustainable change happens by taking a holistic perspective of body, mind and spirit, as well as looking at beliefs, habits and patterns, and learning how to incorporate skills to be your best Self in ALL areas of your life.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency to the reality you want and you cannot but help get the reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”
~ Albert Einstein