Spiritual Attachment Therapy (SAT)

Next training: November 9th & 10th, 2018 (9:00-4:00)

Location: 222 Auburn Street, Suite G4 Portland, ME 04103

Cost: $300 for two day training. 10% early bird discount, $270 register by 10/22/18

Spiritual Attachment Therapy (SAT) is a therapeutic technique that combines spirituality  with attachment theory. Through guided meditation and hypnotic protocol, clients are taught how to connect with their own inner wisdom and Spirit Guides to promote healing, insight, self growth and access to the wisdom of Spirit.

Participants will learn how to use this therapeutic technique, including a hypnotic protocol, to connect with their own spiritual figures, as well as learn how to utilize it with their clients. SAT accommodates any spiritual belief system.

Spiritual Attachment Therapy helps improve relaxation, focus and regulates the inner attachment system; which helps foster the healing of trauma and facilitates self growth, insight and overall improved well-being.

Spiritual Attachment Therapy can help you and your clients:

  • Feel more love for self and others
  • Feel more relaxed, less stressed, more grounded
  • Connect to your own inner wisdom, core Self and Spirit Guides
  • Utilize Spirit Guides as attachment figures to:
    • Assist in the healing of past trauma (unburdening)
    • Gain insights which promotes healing and self growth
    • Feel less shame, greater sense of self-worth
    • Gain a greater understanding of your spiritual path and gifts
    • Improve the quality of interpersonal relationships

Participants often say they feel more love, hope and peace after a SAT session. This is a relatively easy technique to learn with many incredible benefits. Participants will learn this for themselves as well as in their healing professions. This technique dovetails beautifully with Internal Family Systems, EMDR and other therapy modalities.

Overall Goal:  For participants to leave the training being able to competently treat clients using Spiritual Attachment Therapy.

Objectives: Participants will:

  1. Know which clients Spiritual Attachment Therapy is appropriate for and other ethical considerations.
  2. Learn to use a specific hypnotic protocol to use as a guided meditation to facilitate the process. (Training in hypnosis is recommended)
  3. Know how to present this therapy to clients.
  4. Know how to use this therapy with people from any spiritual perspective.
  5. Be able to recognize the specific kinds of transference or obstructions common to this form of therapy.
  6. Be able to teach clients to use the Spiritual figures as supports, during and, most importantly, outside of therapy sessions.
  7. Leave the training having practiced being the therapist and the client using Spiritual Attachment Therapy.

Steve Hayes, LCSW, is a Spiritual therapist with twenty years of experience. He uses a combined form of Spiritual Attachment Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy and an emotional release with most clients. He often uses hypnosis with clients. It is a priority for him to help clients release emotions related to traumatic memories, anxiety and depression. It is also important for him to help clients learn to experience self-love. He has been trained in Past Life Regression Therapy by Brian Weiss, MD and he has three years of Shamanic Training. For more information please visit: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/stephen-hayes-lcsw-portland-me/100551

Alison Caswell, LCPC, CST, while trained as a therapist, considers herself to be a Spiritual Life Counselor first and foremost. Alison enjoys working with clients to help them find their light within, heal from past wounds, remember who they truly are and find the freedom to manifest their souls’ desires.  She has a passion for studying the soul, the mystical and awakening consciousness. Alison brings this into her work and combines it with her training as an Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapist, Polyvagal, Rythym of Regulation Therapy,  and Spiritual Attachment Therapy (SAT). For more information please visit: www.CirclesOfLightCounseling.com

Who should attend:  Training recommended for therapists, counselors and holistic providers.

Continuing Education Credits: Approved for 13 clinical continuing education clock hours for Social Workers through Commonwealth Educational Seminars. ID # 98378. www.commonwealthseminars.com. Please contact your state board if you have concerns about CE credits. Thank you.

Register on line today by clicking the Paypal button above, or send check to Alison Caswell, 222 Auburn St, Suite G4, Portland, ME 04103. Please also send your name, email and phone number. Thank you.