Awaken to the Light Within  ~                                    

Fall 2019 Groups

Gather with those who are interested in developing a deeper connection with Self and Spirit. Each group offers a variety of methods to help you awaken your true nature and live life from your essential Being. Awakening is remembering the truth of who you are. Our groups are about supporting you in the journey. We are all connected to the Oneness and there is currently a vibrational shift in consciousness that is happening on the planet. More and more people are awakening to their Light within and there is a growing need for us to come together.  In each group session we offer a spiritual topic for the week, time for processing, sharing, and an experiential meditation or element. These groups are an opportunity to deepen your connection with Spirit and delve into knowing your true self and remembering who you truly are.

Awaken to the Light Within – Mondays 6-8pm (9/16/19 – 10/21/19)

In our 6-week essentials foundation group we explore and discuss spiritual topics such as awakening consciousness, transcending the ego, deepening in self-awareness, connecting with the spirit guides we all have access to, and how to live a more spiritual and soulful life. Weekly guided meditations will be offered to help you connect deeply with who you are, your inner wisdom and your spirit guides.

Deepening in the Light Within – Thursdays 4:30 – 6:30* (10/3/19 – 11/7/19)

A 6-week group for those who have participated in our prior groups and wish to connect with others, deepen in spiritual concepts and awaken consciousness. We will explore topics such as the I AM, Oneness, healing manifesting and other topics chosen by the group! *Please let us know if you are interested yet prefer a later start time. 

Six-week groups are co-facilitated by Steve Hayes, LCSW and Alison Caswell, LCPC, psychotherapists in private practice in Portland, ME. Both have a deep passion for studying and exploring all aspects of Self and Spirit, and connecting to true inner wisdom and divine nature.

Location: 222 Auburn St., Suite G4, Portland, ME 04103

Cost: $300 for a six-week group series. (If cost is an issue, please let us know).

Space is limited to 10 participants per group. Please register ASAP to reserve your seat.

You may also register by sending a check made payable to Alison Caswell, 222 Auburn Street, Suite G4 Portland, ME 04103. If doing so, please include your name, email and phone number.

Monthly Groups

Clear Waters Channeling Group ~ Meets 2nd Tuesday month (6 – 7:00pm)

An evening of channeling by Maddie Brownne, hosted by Steve Hayes and Alison Caswell. Join us as Maddie channels a spirit guide named Thomas. This is your opportunity to ask any spiritual questions you have have of a spirit guide from the spirit world.  Maddie has been channeling Thomas and other Spiritual Beings for four years. Maddie is an unconscious channel, meaning that she has no knowledge or awareness of what Thomas or the other Guides are saying therefore has no influence in what is being offered. She channels for groups and individuals.The purpose of these monthly meetings is to offer an example of Mysticism, one way to communicate directly with Spirit. We all have Guides and everyone can learn how to communicate with them on their own.  Both Alison and Steve assist individuals and groups in getting to know their Spirit Guides, learning about their Spiritual path, and experiencing other spiritual activities.

Cost: $30 per group. If you bring a new person to the group, your cost is only $15.

Individual sessions available before and after the main group. Cost is $25 per15 minutes.

Please contact Steve or Alison to register and/or get on the email list for this monthly group.

Steve Hayes, LCSW, is a Spiritual therapist with twenty years of experience. He uses a combined form of Spiritual Attachment Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy and an emotional release with most clients. He often uses hypnosis with clients. It is a priority for him to help clients release emotions related to traumatic memories, anxiety and depression. It is also important for him to help clients learn to experience self-love. He has been trained in Past Life Regression Therapy by Brian Weiss, MD and he has three years of Shamanic Training. For more information please visit:

Alison Caswell, LCPC, CST, while trained as a therapist, considers herself to be a Spiritual Life Counselor first and foremost. Alison enjoys working with clients to help them find their light within, heal from past wounds, remember who they truly are and find the freedom to manifest their souls’ desires.  She has a passion for studying the soul, the mystical and awakening consciousness. Alison brings this into her work and combines it with her training as an Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapist, Polyvagal, Rythym of Regulation Therapy,  and Spiritual Attachment Therapy (SAT). For more information please visit: