About Alison

Alison is trained as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Sex Therapist with extensive experience helping people make positive, empowering changes in their lives on all levels. Whatever changes, exploration, or growth you are seeking, Alison’s passion is to study, teach, motivate, connect, and counsel you to go within, to remember who you are and be your best Self. If you are feeling compelled to fulfill your soul purpose and create the life you want, reach out to Alison to explore what your path will uncover.

Alison combines her extensive experience as a therapist including work in Internal Family Systems therapy, attachment theory, trauma, neuroscience, sex therapy, and mindfulness, and integrates it with her passion and study of the soul, spirituality and metaphysics. She utilizes this umbrella approach to help people heal from the inside out, to awaken to the wonderful being that is them, and to realize the full potential of what is within them.

“Let yourself be silently drawn to the stronger pull of what you really love.”
Education and Training

Alison is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, LCPC, and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, CST. She received her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Southern Maine, and completed inpatient and outpatient internships, as well as a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Maine Medical Center.

Alison has worked in private practice in Portland, Maine since January, 2006. In 2013, she earned recognition as the third AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists) Certified Sex Therapist in Maine.

With a passion for learning and personal growth, Alison brings state of the art modalities into her practice. Currently, her trainings in Internal Family Systems (IFS), Intimacy From the Inside Out (IFIO), and Rhythm of Regulation / Polyvagal Theory form the foundation for the philosophy of her practice.

The IFS model of psychotherapy offers a clear, non-pathologizing and empowering method of understanding human problems, as well as an innovative and enriching philosophy of practice that invites both therapist and client to enter into a transformational relationship in which healing can occur.

IFIO is a psychotherapy method that utilizes a systematic approach to heal, improve and deepen relationships. The IFIO method combines deep intrapsychic work along with interpersonal exploration. It’s a powerful psycho-spiritual model with applications for work with couples and individuals.

Other approaches and trainings that inform her empowering work with clients include:

Individual and Couple work: IFS from the Center for Self Leadership Level 1 & 2 trainings, and IFIO, intensive couples training
Neuroscience and the brain: the Rhythm of Regulation, Polyvagal Theory training
Hypnotherapy and Attachment Theory: Advanced trainings in Hypnotherapy and Attachment Therapy from Daniel Brown, PhD, of Daniel Brown and Associates
Relational Life Therapy: Terry Real of the Relational Life Institute
Energy based psychotherapy: Matrix Energetics and Tapas Acupressure Technique
Other professional influences: Gina Ogden, PhD (4-D Wheel of Awareness), Ester Perel (Sex Therapy), Stan Tatkin (Couples), Dan Siegel (Mindfulness) and David Deida (Masculine/Feminine), Brian Weiss, MD (PLR Hypnotherapy)

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